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  • Black Rice is loaded with anthocyanin antioxidants, substances that are showing promise for fighting heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.
    One serving of Black Rice has as many antioxidants as a serving of blueberries, without the sugar.
    Indigenous to the Great Lakes region of the USA and the Boreal forests region of Canada; Minnesota is one of the largest growing areas for wild rice
    Use this rice in everything from Stir Fry’s, Pilafs Risottos, to exotic desserts

  • By searching the globe, we have created a nutritionally balanced ancient grain blend. Each grain was selected for its nutritional contribution, cooking compatibility and complementary flavor profile.

    Not only is this whole grain blend good for you, it is extremely versatile, delicious and visually interesting.

    You can create exotic salads, healthy pilafs, whole grain risottos, and/or fortify your soups with our Three Continent Ancient Grain Blend. The only limitation is your imagination.

  • This Italian rice cultivar has long and tapered grains, and that is why it is easier to cook. Can be used in rice salads and side dishes.